House Rules

1. Contested Rolls

Several statistics in the core Pathfinder game start with a base of 10. These stats are the equivalent of taking 10 on a d20 roll for that stat. For this campaign, those stats will be rolled instead of using that base 10.

Example: A fighter in full plate with no DEX bonus usually has an AC of 19 (base 10 + 9 armor). In this campaign, each time that fighter is attacked, he rolls a d20 and adds his +9 armor bonus. This ends up with an AC ranging from 10 (1 + 9) to 29 (20 + 9).

This rule pertains to the following stats:

  • Armor Class
  • Spell Save DC
  • Combat Maneuver Defense

2. Wounds and Vigor

As the rule from Ultimate Combat (PRD Link)

3. Circumstance Bonuses

In order to encourage role-playing and imagery, any extra description of actions taken can result in circumstance bonuses for any rolls involved in that action.

Example A: The player of a fighter says his character swings his sword at an enemy and rolls to hit. There is no circumstance bonus for this attack.

Example B: The player of a fighter says “He sweeps his sword through the air at the enemy’s head, letting out his aggression with a bloodcurdling scream!” This player will get at least a +1 to his to-hit roll for enhancing the story.

House Rules

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